1:32 Scale Military Tank Transporter with Tank

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This Freightliner Lowboy with M1A Abrams Tank truck measures about 24 inches long from the end of the mud flaps to the front bumper. The flatbed alone measures 17.5 inches and 3 inches wide. The cab alone measures 8.25 inches long and 3.25 wide. The height of the cab is 3.5 inches high to the top of the cab and 5.25 inches high to the top of the exhaust pipe. 
The flat bed connects with the cab by a metal pin that snaps into place.
The cab itself is made of metal while the lower part of the truck is made of plastic. The flat bed is made of plastic. The wheels are made of rubber and they are free rolling.
Accompanying the truck is a M1A1 Abrams tank.  The entire tank is made of plastic. If one looks carefully one can see very interesting grease/smoke stains which makes the coloring very realistic. The turret can rotate about 300 degrees, the cannon has a few degrees movement up and down. The tank measures about 11.5 inches long from the back to the tip of the gun. The width is 4.75 wide. The tracks are made of rubber and both tracks can move uniformly. 

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