11 Halloween activities you can do with kids while staying at home

11 Halloween activities you can do with kids while staying at home

Oct 19, 2020

Halloween, a spooky family tradition, is turning into a nightmare due to COVID-19. Scary thoughts that trick-or-treating may be canceled have given rise to #savehalloween2020, and along with the hashtag come serious concerns as to how to keep the holiday from turning into a nightmare amid the global pandemic. But fear not, there are many Halloween activities you can do at home.

Here are some fun things for you to do this Halloween 2020:

1. It’s Time To Create A Scary Atmosphere

It's time to bring out the cobwebs, plastic bats, and candles. You may not be able to go out to the neighborhood but you most certainly can bring the neighborhood to your home by creating a ghostly walkway in your own backyard. Some of the best Halloween activities for kids are old favorites like carving out pumpkins, decorating lanterns, and decorating the house and garden.

Get creative and you'll find that you don't need to go traipsing far and wide for the spirit of Halloween.

2. Create A DIY Halloween Outfit

Even if trick-or-treating is canceled, there's no reason to not get dressed up. In fact, without the hype, fanfare, and usual plans to parade around town, you may even come up with some affordable DIY Halloween options tucked away in your wardrobe.

One of the most creative Halloween activities is coming up with unique costume activities. Look around your home and get creative with hand-made, home-made costumes which can be as simple as covering yourself in a sheet with eye cut-outs and parading as ghosts to more complex structures using aluminum foil and cardboard boxes in your kitchen. And don't forget the make-up.

3. Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

 Kids Army Zombie Survival Toys

Why watch a scary film when you can place yourself in a zombie apocalypse? Play with your kids with these zombie survival toys which include zombie targets, themed army gear, skull balaclavas, targets and crossbows, and other equipment to help create the right atmosphere for a night of zombie hunting. Create your own rules and scenarios, and if there are enough people split up into teams for some competitive zombie hunting.

Such games fuel children's imaginations, strengthen their strategic thinking and military skills, and unite family and friends in the spirit of fun.

4. Have A Zoom Party Filled With Halloween Activities

All dressed up and nowhere to go? Wrong! Zoom, Skype, Google hangouts are all the go. Why not host a virtual Halloween shindig where you can invite friends from around the world for a memorable 'Zoombie' celebration. For a bit of fun, change your background to have a haunted house/zombie wastelands backdrop.

5. Go On A Horror Movie Binge

Watching Horror Movie with Kids at Home

Stay spooky while popping out the scary films for a movie marathon. There are plenty of fine flicks to choose from, such as The Addams Family, Hotel Transylvania, Paranorman, Harry Potter, and a while streaming of movies.

And if you really want to get creative, why not make your own home-made flick? iPhone movies are all the rage these days.

6. Call On The Supernatural Spirits

It's time to get spooky with the supernatural. You can have fun with a free online tarot card reading or turn to other fortune telling methods at sites like Lotus Tarot and Spirit Navigator.

Or if you don't want to participate in Halloween activities that delve into the dark and supernatural, you can create your own fortune-telling games by envisioning stories, different scenarios, or picking different future possibilities from a hat. The sky's the limit when it comes to guessing games.

7. Look What A Ghost Left On The Doorstep

Ghosting in the dating world means disappearing, but on Halloween, it involves putting together a bag of goodies and other treats and leaving them on the doorsteps of people you know. Ring the doorbell and then run away without them seeing you.

Put a note for the recipient to handover the treats to someone else and keep the sweetness going around.

8. Trick-Or-Treating Can Take On Many Forms

Treat Town's Trick or Treat at Home

Image source: Treat Town

Don't let quarantine get you down, you can still trick-or-treat virtually. Mars Wrigley, creators of M&Ms, Skittles, and Snickers have launched a digital Treat Town. Kids can receive real candy via vouchers as they trick or treat with people they know. Users are even given the chance to decorate their app "doors" and create their own unique avatars.

The app went live on 1 October. It offers Halloween fans the chance to "knock" on virtual doors but get real-life sweets.

9. Wash Yourself In A Bloodbath

A Halloween activity to keep kids busy and calm them down at the same time is giving them a bloodbath.

Draw a nice warm bath, add some red food dye, and a few eyeballs were thrown in for good measures. Dim the lights and it really does look like you're about to be soaked in a bloodbath of murder, but if you don't want your children's skin to turn all red for days, you may prefer to use waterproof LED lights to give the water a red hue. Why not add some slime to the bath?

10. Host A Scavenger Hunt

Hand out printed lists of things that can be scavenged while the children are out on their rounds of trick-or-treating. They should not pilfer things, but they can include certain types of candy or other things, provided these are legal.

Alternatively, you can host a virtual scavenger hunt. Get together with friends and then give them lists of things to find and do. The winner can get virtual treats.

11. Share Tales Of Terror

Reading Terror Tales with Kids at Home

Bring the family together, switch off the lights, and make up your own scary tales of horror and mystery. One person can start the story, and the next person can continue with more gruesome twists to the tale. Alternatively, you can put your scariest most theatrical voice and read tales of terror which will probably keep you up all night.

The fake fear of Halloween is as necessary as ever this year, providing an escape from the real-life horrors of a global pandemic. Many festivals have been canceled, but Halloween activities for kids are as necessary as even to ensure they have a sense of normalcy in their lives.

And while Halloween may look a little different, activities at home can be just as much fun and provide an opportunity to get creative and think outside the box. Best of all, these activities offer an opportunity for friends and family to bond and come out stronger. So bring it on! Take lots of photos and make Halloween 2020 memorable and unique.