7 Costume Ideas For Kids Cosplay

7 Costume Ideas For Kids Cosplay

Jun 22, 2021

A kid's cosplay is where everyone gets to show some flare. Joining one is beneficial because it allows children to build friendships with other kids and build their self-confidence. All want to look good so having an awkward costume will be a horrifying experience. So, what are the best costume ideas for kid's cosplay?

Any costume will do so long as the kid is comfortable with it. It doesn't have to be very fancy. What's important is that the kid feels the attire. Here are some 7 costume ideas for kid's cosplay that no one would find strange.

Army Costume

Kids Army Active Duty Deployment Kit #2 - ACU Digital Costume

All kids look up to soldiers, and this is a fact. Kids see themselves carrying guns, driving tanks, and saving innocent people from danger. So, for a kid's cosplay event, an army costume is always in.

Attires consisting of an army costume cosplay can be either simple or cheap. Those who can spend should try getting their kids a set of army combat gear. The army combat gear set is about the readiness for combat and adorns the kid with a rucksack, a camo T-shirt, camo pants, helmet, and water bottle.

The army combat gear set is available in green, gray, and dark green colors. But no matter which the kid wears, all provide a realistic military look.

Those who are saving money may try the junior platoon set. The junior platoon set consists of a helmet, a Kevlar, and a realistic bullet belt. as well as a rucksack and toy grenade. This costume is for those who are aiming to make their kid look like a soldier who's out on the field.

Percy Jackson Costume

Thanks to Rick Riordan, Greek mythology has never been more popular with kids. Out of the characters from his Greek mythology novels, many love Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase - the son of Poseidon and the daughter of Athena.

What you'll like about the Percy Jackson costume is that it's not as pricey as other famous costumes. Your kid can pull this off by wearing an orange shirt, casual pants, bracelet made from beats, and a golden toy sword. The same goes for Annabeth. However, add a golden toy knife to the get-up as this is Annabeth's weapon of choice.

Hawkeye Costume

Out of all Marvel Comics-themed costumes, the Hawkeye costume is by far the cheapest and easiest to follow. Things that the kid has to wear are a black sleeveless t-shirt or vest and black skinny leather or spandex pants.

As for the bow and arrow, a lot of cheap Hawkeyes inspired ones are sold online. As for the shoes, anything will do as long as they're black.

Hawkeye costume is ideal if you're looking for last-minute costume ideas for the kid. It doesn't stand out too much but stays trendy and fitting.

Phineas and Ferb Costume

Phineas & Ferb Animated Series Costume

Phineas and Ferb is one of the greatest cartoons that Disney released. This animated series has the light jokes, the musical, and the wacky contraptions that kids love.

There's a lot of costume ideas that your kid can try from the show. There are Phineas and Ferb's simple attire, the neat girly look of Isabela, the gothic clothing of Vanessa, or the attractive uniform of the Fireside Girls.

But perhaps, none would beat the kid if he or she wore the lab coat of the wacky Doctor Doofenshmirtz or a mascot of Perry the Platypus.

Power Rangers Costume

Time to look at a fancier costume. If the kid wants something more showy and iconic, nothing can be more perfect than the power rangers costume. Power Rangers has always been popular. Mostly because of the show's fancy transformation scenes, combat scenes, and Megazord battles.

There are lots of Power Rangers series. However, the best visuals come from Power Rangers Ninja Storm and Power Rangers Samurai. There's a lot of details that go with the ranger suits from these series. For example, the Power Ranger Samurai helmets have different patterns and shapes.

Harry Potter Costume

Harry Potter Movie Costume

J.K. Rowling did well in crafting her award-winning novel, Harry Potter. The characters in the story are highly relatable. But most of all, the concept of the novel is highly fascinating.

That's why any kid won't dare to refuse a Harry Potter costume though it looks simple. A Harry Potter costume consists of a black robe over a gray cardigan and gray pants. For more details, you can opt to get those that have the Slytherin emblem, Gryffindor emblem, Hufflepuff emblem, and Ravenclaw emblem.

But note that the costume isn't complete without a magic wand. As for the magic wand, any toy wand will do so long as it resembles a wooden wand.

Harley Quinn and Joker Costume

Villains should be hated. However, this isn't the case with Harley Quinn and Joker. Recent movies have shared the life stories of these DC characters. And as a result, a lot of viewers began to sympathize with them better. And for this reason, any kid dressing as Harley Quinn or Joker becomes a hit in any cosplay event.


A good kid's costume should be one that your child is comfortable wearing. Moreover, it should be an attire that the kid can wear even if there's no cosplay event. The kid's army costume fits this well. That's why you should check out and buy a kids army costume today!