Colossal Paper Shooting Target - Zombie - ALL

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Colossal Paper Shooting Target - Zombies - ALL

When designing their paper targets, Zombie Industries set out to offer YOU the most exciting target on the market today! They started with various drawings of their Tactical Bleeding Zombie Targets, already the best Zombie targets on the market, and then overlaid an innovative scoring system to provide you with an uncompromising competitive challenge; play against yourself or show your fellow gunslingers, whose boss of the range today!

But WAIT! It gets even better! Their designers took it to the next level and developed the “target-within-a-target” concept, another industry-first! They placed a scaled version of the focal Zombie, in the typically wasted space outside the silhouette, and created a second point of reference that challenges your perspective by simulating two target distances. This allows you to shoot for distance (and a higher score!) when space is not available.

All-in-all, if you’re gonna shoot paper targets, then Zombie Industries Colossal paper targets are the best thought-out paper targets the market has ever seen!


  • This set includes one each of: Zombie Alien, Zombie Chris, Zombie Nazi, Zombie Rocky and Zombie Terrorist Paper Targets
  • Colossal-sized format, 24×36”, allows you to shoot more before changing the target!
  • Innovative scoring system allows you to crush your friends and/or challenge yourself.
  • Biodegradable, recycled 80# poster paper is miles ahead of other targets, you could frame this one!
  • Printed in the USA!

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