How to Celebrate Halloween at Home

How to Celebrate Halloween at Home

Oct 19, 2020

With the COVID-19 running rampant all over the globe, large gatherings are banned. Therefore, there will be big Halloween parties and trick or treating this year. However, that does not mean Halloween is canceled. In fact, it is far from that because you just need to know how to celebrate Halloween at home.

Do a Horror Movie Marathon

Family Watching Horror Movies at Home

There are many horror classics to watch on Halloween such as Friday the 13th, House on Haunted Hill, Cabin in the Woods, Frankenstein, and Nightmare on Elm Street. These movies even have a ton of sequels and they will all scare the hell out of you. It is a nice reason to bring out the popcorn and enjoy the movies with your loved ones.

There are many sub-genres for the horror movie genre. If you like seeing people get sliced and diced, there is the Slasher genre like Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Halloween, and Sleepaway Camp. If you like being scared, there is the supernatural sub-genre featuring films like Annabelle, Paranormal Activity, and House on Haunted Hill. Those who have Netflix can stream TV series like Slasher, Stranger Things, and a lot more.

Create Halloween Cookies

DIY Baked Halloween Cookies

Decorating Halloween stuff all over your sweet treats will help bring the cookies to life. It is not a Halloween party without some sweets. There are a lot of recipes online for cookies but you better adjust them to what you really want in your drinks. They can be sweet, sour, or even spicy as long as it is what you want in something that is going to get you energetic for the night.

Wear a Costume to a Zoom Party

Since Halloween parties are not allowed, that does not mean you can have a nice Halloween party at home. You can always dress up in your Halloween costume as well as your children with an awesome military-themed costume for kidsand take part in a huge trivia night with friends and other fun games for kids. It won't even take long to plan this out as you can just do a little makeup on your face and it will already be a costume.

The Zoom party can start with a lot of drinking games and can proceed with awards such as Best Costume and Best Idea. Don't be surprised if some of your friends go all out with their costumes even if they are just at home. The quarantine should not stop you from celebrating Halloween. Like they say, life is short so when you have the chance to have a great time, you better take it. You never know when all of this would come to a screeching halt.

Decorate the House

Halloween Decorations at Home

Buy some Halloween decorations online and make the effort to decorate the entire house with it. You must put some paper bats, witch statues, scarecrows, and a lot of other scary stuff that could possibly scare visitors off. That is not the goal though. The goal would be for everyone to know how you are celebrating Halloween. Besides, it is one of the most fun events of the year so nobody should miss out on it.

The interiors can also be decorated including those ever-popular ghost blankets. It is not hard to do so anyway. It is a good thing it won't take much effort when you really want to celebrate Halloween at home. This is the perfect time to bring out the DIY side of you so you can check every part of your home and figure out how you can decorate them in such a way that they are wonderfully decorated.

Tell Ghost Stories in the Backyard

There is no harm in gathering all the kids around a campfire out in the backyard in order to tell some ghost stories to them. The event can start in a clockwise manner as it can certainly liven up the expectations of each person going into the activity. For sure, each person has a ghost story to tell or he or she can invent one right on the spot. It is all about your ability to tell a convincing story in order to make everyone believe in what you are saying.

Play Halloween Music

 Halloween Dance Party at Home

There are a lot of songs that will get you in the mood to dance the night away on a grand night like Halloween. It would feel great to shed off a few calories when you are dancing so better wear the proper attire. There are a lot of Halloween bands that play nice music in order to entertain those who are trick or treating. Yes, some songs were written specifically for Halloween. Better create a playlist that contains all those songs.

Now that you know how to celebrate Halloween while doing some social distancing, you are going to do your part in flattening the COVID-19 curve. We all know we are going to have to avoid large gatherings for a while so it would be best to just stay at home and celebrate Halloween there. You can just bring out the old champagne bottles until you feel the urge to not do it anymore in the future.

If you follow all the above tips, you can still enjoy Halloween like it was not canceled. As the death toll for each country mounts, you would feel scared about any of your family members to be next. Thus, it would be best to not violate the protocols set by health organizations. They would want nothing more than for this virus to go away so that everything can go back to what we were used to.

There will be a time when someone develops a vaccine so that we can go back to the way life was before the pandemic. Until that happens, we have no choice but to distance ourselves from other people. We really don't know who has the virus because some people may be asymptomatic. Those who violated social distancing protocols ended up testing positive for the virus so best to stay at home for Halloween since bars are closed anyway.