Kids Army Dark Earth Combat Set

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NEW Dark Earth Combat Set.

Check out our NEW Dark Earth Combat Set.  This set comes with a whole lot of fun at a Discount Price!  The Kit includes our NEW Kids Army Cross Draw Combat Vest, designed specifically to fit kids, and what could be better than adding a High Quality Dark Earth Strip Cap Gun to put in that holster.  We included 1 pack of Strip Caps, but you may want to pick up more!  We also included the NEW Dark Earth Fast Helmet with built in Visor and NEW Desert M9 Bayonet Knife.   

Kit Includes:

  • Fast Helmet with Visor - Dark Earth
  • Kids Cross Draw Vest - Desert or Save $10.00 and pick up the Kids Army Combat Vest - Tan
  • Choose one of Three Knives: M-9 Bayonet Knife - Desert, M37-K - Desert or BC Style Knife - Desert
  • Choose from 1911 Strip Cap Gun - Dark Earth or .45 Metal Spring Airsoft Gun, Dark Earth
  • 1 Pack of Strip Caps
  • Set of Two Dog Tags with Desert Silencers.
  • Save 15% When Purchasing these items as a Kit.

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